Nov 30, 2017

Trump administration’s another Puerto Rican scandel just surfaced

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The Associated Press has reported that An unproven Florida company failed to deliver emergency supplies to Puerto Rico to help rebuild homes following the devastation of Hurricane Maria,.

According to the report FEMA ( The Federal Emergency Management Agency) had awarded $30 million in federal contracts to the company name Bronze Star LLC to provide tarps and other materials to residents needing to temporarily fix their houses.

The report further reveals that FEMA has cancelled the contracts without paying them any money. But it took four weeks for them to cancel the agreement, keeping the valuable disaster relief funds from being used elsewhere.

An agency spokesman told the Associated Press that the FEMA has vetted the companies thoroughly. But the Bronze star a small family company started in August, has never before been awarded any important government contract or supplied plastic tarps.

On November 6th FEMA cancelled the contract and is now beginning a new effort to provide these supplies to Puerto Rico. According to a report, Bronze star beat out bids by over a dozen other companies for the two contracts to supply 500,00 tarps and 60, 000 rolls of plastic sheeting.


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