Nov 30, 2017

Owners of Trump hotels want to remove his name from the hotels

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Trump Hotel owners do not want the Name of Trump on their hotels. According to the report of the Associated Press, Owners of the Trump International Hotel in Panama are pushing to remove President Trump’s name from the building as the tower attempts to revive its business

According to reports, The owners of the waterfront building, which stands 70 stories high, also want to oust the staff who are part of the Trump family’s hotel management company and put distance between the hotel and the first family in order to combat low occupancy rates, hotel unit investors told the newswire.

Associated Press reports, The luxury property at one point had paid at least $32 million to use the Trump brand,.

But the Trump organization, in a statement to AP said that the Hotel in Panama is performing well and pointed to their organizations enforceable contract that allows them to run the hotel.

The Associated Press also reported that the owners had previously had issues with the Trump management company, which they cut from other administrative posts in 2015. The move to remove Trump’s name from the hotel comes at a time when 38 percent of American voters approve of the job the President is doing in the White House.

And this week Donald Trump received another set back about his Manhattan Property “Trump SoHo” Trump association has to abandon the business name “Trump” from its hotel. The building will be there , but there wont be any “Trump” on it

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