Nov 29, 2017

Newborn Baby Boy Buried Alive For Eight Days Defies Odds And Miraculously Survived

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The rising numbers of abandoned babies are disturbingly alarming. However, it seems like heaven is guiding these little angels as there are improbable stories of newborns survivingagainst all odds. Just like the story of this newborn baby boy who was abandoned and buried alive for eight days in an unmarked grave in China but miraculously survived.

A middle-aged woman named Lu Fenglian was collecting herbs for Chinese medicine on the mountain of Tian Dong County when she suddenly heard a child crying coming from beneath the earth.

Fearing that she had stumbled upon “spirits”, she immediately ran to a Buddhist temple for help.

2895C32B00000578-3078156-image-a-46_1431431568611Fenglian together with the 75-year-old Monk Zhao Shimin immediately returned to the scene where she heard the cries. But the monk soon realized that a child must have been buried underground where there are numerous unnamed graves.

The monk immediately called the police who later arrived and began digging up, until they located the child buried five centimeters below the surface.

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