Aug 20, 2017

See what happened to The baby born With No Brain and Doctors adviced to Abort Because He Would Die

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It was in early 2016 when little Jaxon was born, a baby whose miraculous birth continues to warm hearts and encourage families.

Jaxon Buell has a rare brain malformation called microhydranencephaly. It often can be fatal. But Jaxon is 1 1/2 years old now, and his parents continue to celebrate his life.

Because this incurable condition limits life expectancy, Jaxon’s parents were told to abort him. Instead, the Buells saw the potential that little Jaxon has and chose life. Although each day presents a new challenge, the new parents said they happily embrace their son’s life.

Jaxon’s father Brandon sees the blessings his son offers. Brandon recently told Speak Life: “Jaxon is up against severe odds, yet he still leads a meaningful life. He smiles. He communicates. He relates to us. He responds to his surroundings. Why not allow that life to happen? There’s so much potential there.”

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