Aug 19, 2017

A Mom Lost Her Baby At 20 Weeks But What She Has To Say Will Surely Touch Your Heart

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As a mother to young kids, I can only imagine the pain of losing a child, but I can definitely say that if ever it happens to me I would completely lose my mind. My faith in God is not a strong as this mother who lost her baby at 20 weeks old but still had the courage to share her story online, inspiring mothers and giving hope to parents who have gone through the same predicament.

Naomi Anselmo from Moscow, Idaho was 20 weeks along the family way when she lost her would-be son on May 20.

She was heartbroken to find out that her son had a chromosomal abnormality that prevented him from growing to full-term. At 20-weeks, the little angel’s brief life ended and Naomi was only left to deliver his tiny, lifeless body.

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