Jul 29, 2017

Shocking: Newborn Baby With Eight Limbs Worshipped As ‘Hindu God’ In India

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It was just recently when Wereblog posted about a baby girl born with an elephant-like face in India being worshipped as the incarnation of Hindu God Ganesha. But another story went viral online after a baby was born with eight limbs in a small town of Dumri-Isri, India. Devotees are celebrating to the birth of the baby boy they thought as an incarnation of the same Hindu God.

Thousand religious believers have come to see the newborn and worship him as a Hindu God.

MAIN-Eight-Limbed-Baby-and-Ganesh Caters/Getty

The baby boy with four arms and four legs is yet to be named. The child’s features is clearly a form of birth defect from undeveloped twins, probably a conjoined twins.
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