Jul 29, 2017

This Dog Sensed There Was Something Wrong With Their Baby, Watch What He Does

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Dogs have a sixth sense which allows them to perceive when something or someone is not right. Scientists argue that this sixth sense is restricted to some dogs, but this is clearly not true in most cases.

Dogs can sense danger especially when it concerns medical conditions such as changes in an individual’s blood sugar levels and can also detect high blood pressure, an impending seizure and a potential heart attack. Dogs can also detect the different types of cancer in a cancer patient. This capability is due to their highly sensitive sense of smell.
This story you are about to view is a visual representation of this superpower of dogs which allows them to smell danger. A dog named Duke, lives with the Brousseau family for over six years, and has been the most obedient dog they could ever ask for. The family consisted of a young couple and their newborn baby.

One Sunday night, the family went to bed as usual, and all of a sudden, Duke began to jump on the couple’s bed frantically and kept shaking and trying to catch their attention. The couple was rather confused when they saw their mutt going crazy, they could not understand why he was being that way since he was a very obedient dog, they tried to calm him down, their efforts proved futile. Duke was not ready to rest until they had addressed the problem he had sensed.

The couple finally got a clue and ran towards their baby girl’s room and noticed that she wasn’t breathing. The nine-week-old little girl called Harper was unconscious, and they immediately called 911 and had an ambulance quickly come over to take the infant to the hospital.

The ambulance came in the nick of time, and the little girl was saved.

Harper is doing just fine, and her mother is eternally grateful for the resilience of their pet and she said that if Duke hadn’t been so resilient, they would have gone to bed without knowing that something was terribly wrong with their infant.
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Duke was adopted from an animal shelter over six years ago, and he finally repaid that act of kindness ten times over by saving the life of their precious little girl. The Brousseau family hopes that their story would encourage more people to adopt pets.

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