May 4, 2017

The World’s First Surviving Septuplets Turn 18 – This is What They Look Like Today

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In 1997, the life of the McCaughey family was incredibly changed. Bobbie McCaughey gave birth to seven children — four boys and three girls. News about this miracle spread all over the world because McCaughey’s babies were the first ever surviving septuplets.

Kenny, Kelsey, Natalie, Brandon, Alexis, Nathan and Joel were called the ’Seven From Heaven.’ The upbringing of the septuplets was a great achievement for Bobbie and her husband Kenny, and everyone who has children can understand why. But despite all the difficulties, these kids were surrounded by tender love and care.

This year the famous McCaughey children celebrated their 18th birthday! They turned into amazing young people who already know what they want to be when they grow up.

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