Apr 30, 2017

Chinese Beekeeper Covered His Entire Body With 460,000 Bees Just To Sell His Honey

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Raising bees and selling honey, this is what She Ping do, a Chinese beekeeper from Chongqing, China who covered his body with more than 460,000 bees!

She Ping is so dedicated to his business. As a honey merchant he think of something that will generate his marketing buzz, and that is to cover his body with the stinging bees! He then made a publicity stunt in which he uses his technique called “bee bearding” designed to increase the sales of his honey.

Bee bearding is quite mainstream in the city of Chongqing in Southwestern China, but unlike other honey merchant his daredevil stunt without wearing any clothes is jaw dropping!

“Of the people who do it naked, I’m probably the most awesome,” She Ping said.

She Ping honestly felt very nervous, but he still do it to promote his honey.
During bee bearding the process of attracting the bees  starts with placing a queen bee in a small cage that hangs from the person’s body.
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